UCO bank atm card application form | uco bank atm form fill up

UCO bank ATM form fill up

You can download UCO bank atm card application form from link given below in this article. See below images to know UCO bank ATM form Fill up process.

UCO bank atm card application form | uco bank atm form fill up

You can check Below Vedio to know how to fill UCO bank ATM form completely without leaving anything blank or without filling incomplete form You can also visit our YouTube channel for More such helpful vedios.

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Watch below vedio to get complete guide for fill UCO bank ATM form:

UCO bank ATM form fill up guide.

Download UCO bank ATM card application form below

UCO bank ATM fill up process

Follow below mentioned quick reference points and this will help you fill UCO bank ATM card application form.

Branch – Here you have to fill branch name where you are having your UCO bank account number
Date: Here you have to fill date when you are submitting your UCO bank ATM form duly filled
Name in full Mr./Ms – Enter your name here i.e. name mentioned in your UCO bank passbook

Date of Birth D D M M Y Y Y Y in format day month year i.e. 26/05/2000 ( Date of birth must be same as mentioned on your Aadhaar card
Name to be embossed on the card (max. 25 Char.) Enter name which you wish to print on ATM card ( must be same as printed on your UCO bank passbook)

Account Type – enter saving or current as per your account type ( check this from bank staff if you have no idea)

Number – enter account number here ( as printed on your account passbook)
Secondary Account – leave this Colum blank
Account Type Number – Also leave this column blank
Mailing Address (Please • ) • Residence • Office • Business – tick on mailing address type here ( address on which you will receive ATM card / address same as mentioned in your account opening form)
CITY PIN – enter your six digit city pin code here e.g. 174029
Phone No. (R ) – enter your registered mobile number
Phone No. ( O ) – enter your registered mobile number
Fax No. – leave blank
Mobile No. – enter your registered mobile number
Email ID – enter mail ID if have

Read below declaration before submitting form
Declaration : I have read and understood the terms and conditions relating to various services under UCO Visa Debit Card and I agree to abide by and be
bound by them as they have in force now and will be in force from lime to time for the card. 1 request you to provide me the UCO Visa Debit Card and the PIN
(Personal Identification No.). I agree

  1. to change my PIN periodically for maintaining secrecy of my account level information.
  2. to keep my PfN confidential without giving any room for its disclosure to any person .
  3. to be responsible for any disclosure of my PIN or account level information to any person and that the Bank shall nol be held responsible for any loss or
    damage caused to me on account of such disclosure.
  4. that the Bank may at its absolute discretion discontinue the facility completely or partially without any notice to me.
  5. that the Bank may debit my primary or secondary account for operations through the UCO Visa Debit Card.
    Further I authorize you to debit my account with the applicable service charges for use of the card at any Point of Sales/ at any Visa enabled ATM other than

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UCO bank ATM form fill up

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