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Welcome to Fundsinflux.com

Here you will learn about Indian banking sector, about various loan products, Govt. schemes in bank and answers to general day to day banking queries.

Here is what you will find in Fundsinflux

  1. Detailed overview of various loan products which will make you bit familiar with the loan product and help you in selection of product according to your requirement.
  2. Documents required , eligibility parameters and purpose of loan product will be of great help for availing any loan from banks.
  3. 100% practical and experience based tips, which will help you in reducing approval time from weeks to days.
  4. Introduction to various government policies and schemes of banks.
  5. General banking guide on regular banking products and alternative delivery channels like ATM, Mobile banking and E-banking.

Why you need all this before submitting any application for loan.

  1. So, that you will get basic idea of loan products.
  2. So, that you will choose correct loan product according to your requirement.
  3. So, that you will arrange all your documents.
  4. And you will make assessment of your loan eligibility and entitlement.

All this will help you out in reducing loan rejection and increasing loan approval chances and that too with reduced time.

Generally you approach banks without knowing much about your loan requirements and eligibility. Some times you give application for wrong loan product for which you are not eligible and some times you give application for amount for which your are not entitled. Some times you are underfinanced against your requirement so, all this can be avoided if you have basic idea of loan products and their eligibility criteria’s.

At Fundsinflux you will get all this.


I am Vikrant and I work as a credit appraisal manager in a public sector bank.

My motto behind Fundsinflux is to help people who need some knowledge on various loan products and who need any kind of help in various banking products.

At fundsinflux you will get details on all types of loans, eligibility criteria, documents required for any loan etc. Each and every thing which I will give to you is based on my personal and field experience. All the tips and guides will be very helpful.

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