HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

HP govt loan scheme is introduced with a view to promoting self-employment and entrepreneur opportunities in the State of Himachal Pradesh and in order to provide livelihood to local youth by encouraging local entrepreneurship, the State Government has notified Scheme named Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana-20l8. This scheme is launched by Industries Department of Himachal Pradesh government. You can check original notification of Himachal government dated 26th May,20lg and No. HPSRLM, dated 1 4th August, 2018, respectively. The new Scheme will be implemented by the Department of Industries of Himachal Pradesh.

HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

Key points of the HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

Commencement and duration of the Scheme

  • This Scheme has come into effect from 09th February, 2019 and will remain in force up to such date as the State Government by a notification in the official Gazette prescribe.
  • Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana scheme is only for below persons
  • Bonafide Himachali – Which means only resident of Himachal Pradesh can avail benefits and loan under this Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana
  • The Scheme is applicable to the age of 18 years or more youth of Himachal Pradesh, who are up to the age of 45 years at the time the filling the common application form on the Departmental website, intending to set up new industrial units within the State,
  • Scheme is available only for Commencement of commercial production
  • Only Industrial Enterprise having Udyog Aadhar verified by Joint Director of Industries/Deputy Director of Industries/ General Manager, District Industries centre/Member Secretary, swcA of the Department of Industries are eligible under HP govt loan scheme i.e. Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana
  •  Industrial Enterprise  must be located within the State of Himachal Pradesh
  • industrial enterprises where a manufacturing activity or a service activity is proposed to be done are eligible.
  • Only Industrial Enterprise which commences commercial production on or after the date of notification of this Scheme are eligible for this scheme
  • Industrial Enterprise has to remain in commercial production for at least 03 years for availing subsidy

Where to avail this facility of HP govt loan scheme

1 – Public sector Banks.

2- All Regional Rural Banks.

3- Co-operative Banks

4-Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks

5-Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

Subsidy amounts provide under HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

Industrial Enterprise has to remain in commercial production for at least 03 years for availing subsidy

Subsidy will be provided in two form

  1. Interest Subsidy – Provided on the interest served by entrepreneur on the loan account
  • Capital Investment Subsidy – provided on the amount of investment made by entrepreneur on the setup of Industrial enterprise like cost of plant, machinery and equipments

All new industrial units would be eligible Subsidy at rate 25% of Toal investment

If In case such units are set up by Bonafide Himachali women entrepreneur, the maximum amount of subsidy provided would be at rate 30%.

When subsidy can be cancelled by department

  • Payments made in cash for purchase of Plant and machinery are not eligible for consideration of the subsidy under Capital Investment Subsidy i.e 25 for mens and 30percent for women
  • Expenditure on second hand plant and machinery would be considered only after getting the value of plant and machinery assessed by Chartered Engineer (Mechanical) that the productive life of such second hand machinery in at least five years and payment of such machinery has not been made through cash.
  • A unit can avail subsidy only under a single Scheme, either from the Central Government or from the State Government
HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

Type of business covered under HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

  1. Computer Graphics an d Data Processing
  2. Equipment Rental & Leasing
  3. Industrial & D Labs
  4. Industrial Testing Labs
  5. Computerized design and drafting
  6. Software development
  7. Health care testing labs at village level.
  8. Laboratories engaged in Testing of Raw Materials/ Finished Products
  9. “Servicing Industry” Undertakings engaged in maintenance, repair, testing or
    servicing of all types of vehicles including Autos & machinery of any
    description including Electronics Electrical equipment/ instruments i.e.
    measuring control instruments, television, Mobiles, transformers, motor,
    watches etc.
  10. Servicing of Agricultural farm equipment e.g. ‘Tractor, Pump, Rig, Boring
    Machine etc.
  11. Weigh Bridges
  12. Blue printing and enlargement of drawing/ designs facilities
  13. Community kitchens for supplying food to hospitals, Old age homes,
    Orphanages , Housing and industries.
  14. Beauty parlor
  15. Health and fitness facilities
  16. Desktop Publishing.
  17. Flex Printing and designing.
    18, Digital Photo labs/Photo or Video Studio with processing lab facility.
  18. Call Centre using voice and Data Communications links.
  19. Floriculture activities
  20. Camping Sites activities like trekking services
  21. Laundry & dry cleaning services
  22. Eco tourism
  23. Entertainment services including theatres, live bands &. other cultural
  24. Adventure tourism
  25. Camping equipment’s like tents, adventure sticks, tents etc.
  26. Rafting
  27. Waste disposal services
  28. X-ray clinic
  29. Event management services
  30. Packaging services
  31. Cargo operators
  32. Fashion design
  33. Storage and warehousing services
  34. Commercial training/ skill development or coaching services
  35. Technical testing and analysis service
  36. Construction services other than residential complex, including
    commercial/industrial buildings or civil structures
  37. Services by holder of intellectual property right providing intellectual
    property services other than copyright
  38. Survey and exploration of mineral
  39. Survey and map making service
  40. Internet telecommunication services
  41. Advertising services
  42. Services incidental to manufacturing
  43. Building-cleaning services
  44. Printing publishing
  45. Courier services
  46. Motion picture and video tape production
  47. Sound recording
  48. Sanitation and similar services
  49. Hospital services
  50. Other human health services
  51. Travel agencies and tour operators services
  52. Tourist guides services
  53. Recreational, cultural and sporting services (other than audiovisual services)
  54. Supporting services for internal waterway
  55. Storage and warehouse services
  56. Marketing Consultancy
  57. Industrial Consultancy
  58. Typing centers
  59. Photocopying centers
  60. Industrial photography
  61. Internet browsing/setting up of cyber cafes
  62. Documentary films on themes like family planning, social forestry, energy
    conservation and commercial advertising
  63. Teleprinter/ fax services
  64. Coloured or black and white studios equipped with processing laboratory
  65. Nursing services
  66. Medical services
  67. Governance services
  68. Opening of Restaurant,
  69. Projects of Go “Sadan”
  70. Solid liquid waste management,
  71. conventional energy resources unit
  72. Banquet Halls
  73. Auto fabrication

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Frequently asked questions on HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

Who can avail Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana?

Any domicile of Himachal pradesh who wish to setup his business in Himachal pradesh can avail this HP govt loan scheme.
Above is the list of businesses covered under this scheme.

HP govt loan scheme | Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojana

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