15g form fill up | Download form 15G

form 15g fill up

You have to submit your 15g form in bank in the month of April in order to avoid tax deduction on source i.e. TDS deduction. From here you can download and check sample of completely filled 15g form.

15g form fill up sample | Download form 15G from below

From below sample you can check how to fill your form 15g without asking bank employee for help. From below sample you will be able to fill your 15 g form completely without any mistake and error.

See below image for filling 15g form

Below is a sample of how form 15 G is like you can check image below this image for filling 15 G form.

15g form fill up | Download form 15g

Below is a filled image of form 15 g you can check and fill you form 15G as per you applicable details.

15g form fill up | Download form 15g

Point by point explanation of details to be required for 15g form fill up

  1. Name of Assessee (Declarant) – here you have to enter your name i.e. name of the apllicant or account holder for which you are submitting form 15 G
  2. PAN of the Assessee – Here you have to enter pan number of the applicant or account holder for which you are submitting form 15 G
  3. Status – Here you have to enter Resident individual
  4. Previous year(P.Y.) – Here enter perivious year for which you have submitted form 15 G
    (for which declaration is being made)
  5. Residential Status – Here you have to enter your resident status i.e. Indian
  6. Flat/Door/Block No. – Here enter your residential addres
  7. Name of Premises
  8. Road/Street/Lane
  9. Area/Locality
  10. Town/City/District – district from where you belong
  11. State – state from where you belong
  12. PIN – pin code of the area from where you belong
  13. Email – your email address if have any
  14. Telephone No. (with STD
    Code) and Mobile No. – enter you telphone or mobile number
  15. (a) Whether assessed to tax under the Yes No
    Income-tax Act, 19615
    (b) If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed
  16. Estimated income for which this declaration is made 17. Estimated total income of the P.Y. in which
    income mentioned in column 16 to be included6
  17. Details of Form No. 15G other than this form filed during the previous year, if any7
    Total No. of Form No. 15G filed Aggregate amount of income for which Form No.15G filed
  18. Details of income for which the declaration is filed – here you have to add all your account number for which you are submitting form 15 G
    Sl. – here enter account numbers for which form 15 G is submitting
    Identification number of relevant
    investment/account, etc.8
    Nature of income Section under which tax
    is deductible
    Amount of income – estimated and aggregated amount of income for which form 15 G is submitting

From below lin you can download form 15g

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Frequently asked question on Form 15g fill up process :

Last date for submitting 15g form in banks?

Form 15 g is submitted in order to avoid deduction of TDS i.e. tax deduction at source. Means as per government rules if any one is getting interest on saving more than forty thousand for general citizens and fifty thousand for senior citizens you can submit form 15 G to avoid tax deduction at source. So to avoid this deduction it is suggested to submit form 15 g in the month of April other wise your TDS will be deducted.
Hope this will help you to get your answer.

what happens if form15 G is not submitted?

if you do not submit form 15 g then on interest earned on your saving will attract TDS deduction. And to claim this you have to fill income tax return at the end of financial year or dates declared by income tx department.

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